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Astronomy: A Star is Born!

 07/07/2018  |  08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  Ron Stewart Parks & Open Space Building  |  Registration Required

Natural History

Those tiny points of light in the sky can often be extremely huge stars, much bigger than our sun! Find out how stars are born, why stars are different colors, and why not all stars have the same lifespan. The universe is exploding with all kinds of star activity! Afterwards we’ll view the sky with telescopes. Family friendly, ages 5 and up. Meet at the Ron Stewart Parks and Open Space Building at 5201 St. Vrain Road in Longmont. Park in the parking lot and enter at the north door.

Maximum Participants: 50

Registration is required for this activity.

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Deborah Price
(303) 678-6215

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Volunteer Info

David H - Volunteer Ranger Corps

Deborah P - Volunteer Naturalist

I am the Natural History Program Specialist with Boulder County Parks and Open Space. I love presenting programs for students, families, and adults. My favorite topics are wildlife and astronomy!

Philip E - Volunteer Naturalist

Wow, over 16 years volunteering with BCPOS. TEMPUS FUGIT! Though I enjoy all aspects of volunteer work, the most fun piece is sharing my knowledge identifying clouds and weather. I must admit I love to feed and groom the Belgians. I am a retired commercial pilot. I fly gliders (sailplanes.) What really excites me today is watching the interaction of airline contrails with the lenticular clouds directed by airflow over the divide. Studied economics and political science UCB.