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The Agricultural Heritage Center--Virtually Farming: From Draft Animals to Machinery

 12/08/2020  |  06:30 PM - 08:00 PM
 |  Registration Required

Cultural History

Join us for a virtual program inspired by the Ag Heritage Center's farm machinery, tractors, and typical visiting animal residents. How and why did farmers use draft animals to work on their farms? When and what innovations caused them to move to mechanized farming--farming with machinery? How were tractors “improved” over the years that enabled them to replace draft animals? Register by December 6, please, so we can be sure to get the Zoom link to you via email the day before the program. The first few minutes of the program will allow us to all get onto Zoom and become familiar with the format. Participants will be invited to comment, share stories, and ask questions at the end of the program.

Minimum Participants: 3
Maximum Participants: 25

Registration is required for this activity.

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Sheryl Kippen
(303) 776-8848

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Sheryl K - STAFF

I’m a Colorado native; I grew up in Golden and moved to Greeley to attend UNC. I earned my undergraduate and MA degrees in history. That led me to museums, where I’ve worked for over 20 years. As of December of 2010 I’m excited to have Boulder County Parks and Open Space as my workplace. There’s fun, constant learning, and variety in being the Cultural History Program Coordinator; I get to work with amazing and talented colleagues and volunteers as we share the history of the area.