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CANCELED: I Spy Beaks and Feet!

 04/30/2019  |  10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
 |  Registration Required

Natural History - 3-7 years

Birds eat a lot of different foods -- seeds, insects, fish, and other animals. Come join volunteer naturalists to learn how a bird’s beak and feet help them find and eat their favorite foods. We will watch for local birds and find out where they live, eat, and have babies. This program is for preschool and early school-aged children and their families.

Maximum Participants: 20

Registration is required for this activity.

General Info
Larry Colbenson
(303) 678-6214

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Volunteer Info

Becky L - Volunteer Naturalist

Dennis L - Volunteer Naturalist

GThomas M - Volunteer Naturalist

Retired Forest Service; grandparent and Combat Vietnam Veteran. Quite a combination!