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Whoo are the Owls?

 10/18/2018  |  07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
  Louisville Public Library

Natural History - All Ages Welcome

Owls have been regarded with fascination and awe throughout recorded history and across many cultures. Over half of the owls recorded in the U.S. have been seen in Boulder County, and most of those owls nest here. Join volunteer naturalists for a slide program to explore these fascinating creatures, and to learn about the special adaptations that make them such expert hunters. Louisville Public Library, 951 Spruce Street, Louisville

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Larry Colbenson
(303) 678-6214

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GThomas M - Volunteer Naturalist

Retired Forest Service; grandparent and Combat Vietnam Veteran. Quite a combination!

Peter G - Volunteer Naturalist

suzanne m - Volunteer Naturalist